what is barre?

Barre is a full body workout with a focus on isolated, highly repetitive micro movements to target and work each muscle group to fatigue. This interval training format paired with intermittent stretching will produce long, defined and toned muscles. 

Exercises utilize props such as weights, blocks, glide discs, bands plus own body weight as resistance. Barre is popular because it provides an intense workout while remaining low impact and easy on the joints. 

Barre is accessible for all levels, ages and genders.  The exercises are challenging yet variations can be incorporated if you are a beginner or may be recovering from an injury.  It is the most highly effective workout for reshaping muscles - your body will transform,. 

what is cardio barre?

In this class you'll find the classic barre burn through isolated movements with the *option* to kick it up a notch through bursts of cardio. Easily modifiable. All levels. For those desiring a cardio element this class is for you! Every cardio class is cued so participants have an option to always keep one foot on the ground.

what is tRx?

TRX is a specialized form of suspension training created by Navy Seals.  Exercises leverage gravity and your own body weight to complete the exercises via holding onto or placing your feet in long straps that are hanging from a suspension point above.  TRX is one of the best core exercises you can find. 

what style of yoga do you teach?

We offer a variety of yoga styles included hot vinyasa flow, slow flow, yoga basics and yin yoga.  Our hot classes are approximately 90-95 degrees. Our non heated/warm classes 75.

We are one of the only studios in the area utilizing infrared heat;  which one of the most therapeutic styles of heat available. Our infrared panels heat objects not the air similar to the sun. 

i'm not flexible...

It doesn't matter. You do not have to be flexible. Our knowledgeable instructors are here to help you modify and adjust so that you can get the most out of your class regardless of your level of flexibility. 

What happens in boxing class? 

Boxcoast is our boxing fitness studio which launched in July 2018.   Classes are a hybrid styles - half boxing, half hiit (high intensity interval training)/cardio.   We utilize aqua bags which are filled with water which makes them easier on the joints..   We welcome all levels, all genders and all capabilities.  Boxing is held in the boxcoast studio in the same plaza as barrecoast between Pizza Vita and High Tide Juice Co. Please wear sneakers and bring your glove (gloves also available for rent or purchase) 

What is HIIT

HIIT, or high intensity interval training is a cardio intensive class utilizing a mix of boxing, kettlebells, deck work, floor work, resistance bands, bosu balls and more. This class will make you sweat and perfect on its own or to layer before or after barre, yoga or TRX.  HIIT is held in the boxcoast studio in the same plaza as barrecoast between Pizza Vita and High Tide Juice Co. Please wear sneakers and bring your gloves (gloves also available for rent or purchase).

do I need boxing gloves? 

Yes, gloves are used in the boxing portion of the class.  You can bring your own or rent a pair for $2.00.   We sell gloves and also wraps (used for added hand protection) at the studio.   

i haven't worked out in forever. i'm embarrassed!

We welcome you with open arms regardless of your fitness level!  Barre is a perfect exercise because you can modify all of the exercises.  For yoga we offer slow flow classes plus a basics introductory yoga on Saturday mornings.  TRX is all levels. We strive to create a community and environment that is welcoming to all levels. If you feel you need extra support privates and small group sessions are available. 

what do i wear?

Typically, for women leggings work best for barre or yoga or leggings or shorts for boxing.  For men, shorts with a tighter bike short underneath or longer running pants that are fitted at the bottom.

Barre classes are done either barefoot or with grippy socks;  which we sell in the studio boutique.

Boxing and HIIT please wear sneakers.  

do men do barre?

Yes! Real men do Barre... and ask any of our male students, Barre is hard!

what do i bring?

For Barre and TRX: Nothing, just yourself and a bottle of water. We have the floor mats and all accompanying items.

For yoga:  Water, your yoga mat and a towel.  Visiting? Not a problem we rent Manduka mats and towel covers - $2.00 each. Manduka yoga mats, yogitoes and mat towels are also available for sale in the boutique.

For boxing/HIIT: Gloves is you have them, water and a small towel.  Please wear sneakers.   We rent gloves if you do not have your own. We also sell gloves and wraps. 

how big is the studio?

Barre: At capacity we can accommodate 30 students.

Yoga: At capacity 34 students.

TRX: At capacity 8 students. TRX circuit 16

Boxing and HIIT: At capacity 20 students.

how do you clean your mats?

We use EcoWise mats in Barre and Manduka mats in yoga.   We clean them after every class with a mixture of water, vinegar and lavender tea tree oil.

do you have a changing room?

Yes, we have a changing area with cubbies and we also have three changing rooms in the retail area. The studios also have cubbies where you can store valuables.

do you have showers?


do you have parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking in Merchants Square. Both in the front of our building as well as around back.   

what do you carry in your boutique?

We carry a huge assortment of hard to find athletic apparel brands and everything you need to take you from studio to street.  You can expect to find such items as leggings, capris, tanks, cami's, sports bras, sweatshirts, tee's, sweaters and wraps, Manduka yoga gear (mats, straps, bags), hats, grippy socks and headbands, boxing gloves and warps; as well as unique one-of-a-kind jewelry.  If you need a gift you're sure to find something special... We'll even wrap it up for you!

do you sell food/water?

Yes, we sell water for $1.00.  We also sell crunchlina, a snack made from spirulina. We recommend visiting our friends at High Tide after class for a juice, bowl, smoothie or wrap.  

do you offer private classes and personal training?

Yes, we offer private one on one or group sessions for barre, yoga, TRX and boxing as well as personal training. Please contact info@barrecoast.com with inquiries.   

i'm a student/in military and am having trouble reserving a class online?

Student classes can be purchased at the studio (college students please have ID). Once in the system, you will be able to purchase a block of passes tied to your log-in and then reserve online

can I share my pack with someone else? 

Class packages and memberships are for individual use only unless married in same household

how can I sign up someone else?

Class packages and memberships are for individual use only.  If you need to reserve a spot for a friend there is an online prompt allowing you to purchase for someone else. Or you can log out of your account and log back to create a new account for the new individual.  Each individual needs their own account with their own liability waiver signed, and their own class pass or package.    

I see a $20.00 charge on my card or account, what is this for? 

This is a late cancellation charge. If you sign up for a class that is at capacity and do not cancel within the 12 hour cancellation window or do not show up to accommodate space for those on the waitlist a late cancellation charge applied.   

more questions?

Please contact us! We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have! info@barrecoast.com   



hear from our students

We are thankful for our students and truly look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the studio.

"In two months I dropped a wedding dress size and three months a full pant size! The only thing I have done differently is added Barre 3X per week." - Kelly S.

"44 years old, two times a week and I'm getting the legs of my dreams!"  - Pam T.

"Such a great Boxing 🥊class. Jim Leach provides inspiration for personal growth while developing self-esteem & MINDBODY strength. 600cal are shed at least! Totally recommended for young and old looking into challenging themselves while shedding some pounds " - Carla B.

"Great atmosphere. The energy the instructors bring is so motivating. I love the hip hop yoga on Friday nights!"    - Gintare G.

"The new BoxCoast class is a really fantastic mixture of boxing techniques/drills and HIIT workout. It is paced well and Zack is a proficient and excellent teacher. I think it’s a great addition to the area and to BarreCoast!"  - Kristen R.

"Love this place, the facility is beautiful, the work outs are great, but the staff is what really makes the place special. Every teacher brings something different to the class, different poses, different challenges and a different personality to the workout. It's a very nice perk to be able to shop for workout clothes and gear as well!"  - Terri K.

"Let me start by saying I am a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. I had been hearing about this "Barre Coast" studio and how amazing the classes are. I went this past Monday to try out the 9:30a spin class. I AM HOOKED!!! Kristen was so welcoming and extremely motivating. I felt challenged but not to the point of being crushed. Her attitude is infectious!"   - Eileen B.

"I love it here, the teacher is so amazing and has so much passion for yoga! She really challenges me to keep practicing and grow!"  - Amy C.

"Did my first barre class with my friend and our instructor Hillary was awesome. Challenging class. Loved the music and the amount of time spent on each muscle group was great for a full body workout. Would definitely recommend it to my friends. Can't wait to go to another class! :)"   - Savanna A.

"The Best! Great people teaching classes, new and exciting every time. Something for everyone!"  - Susan B.