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Elevate Your Game with Sid McNairy

The time is now to become the best, most powerful athlete with Sid McNairy, yoga educator and former collegiate football coach.

No matter who you are there is an athlete within. Join Sid as he leads you to discovering ways to elevate your performance level. You will tap into the “Mind Field Meditation” process and move deeper into an understanding of how your body operates to elevate your peak performance level.

Workshop includes asana (postures)/flow, discussion and meditation.



Experience 30 minutes of a pre-game routine. Designed to help athletes understand how to get their body loose to prepare for their best performance level.


Mindfield meditation helps athletes to understand how to get their mind to create the mindset for excellence in competition. All sport are 80% mental and 20% physical, by learning how to play the game on the mindfield all athletes overall performance will grow.


The closing work done will help athletes know how to use yoga to prepare for competition. During competition we athletes ask their body’s to reach new heights. In this workshop we will challenge a growing edge to reach your greatest potential.

Benefits of this workshop

  • Improve core balance Body alignment

  • Build strength
Increase flexibility

  • Goal setting and achieving 
Focus and vision in your sport

  • Personal empowerment

To learn more about Sid McNairy and his training with professional athletes visit: www.sidmcnairy.com